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Common Print Shop Positions

Press Assistant

  • Assist in all aspects of Print Shop operations to keep presses running well
  • Continuous upkeep of all print shop area
  • Change over print press
  • Heavy lifting
  • Cleaning of press equipment and parts

Slitter Operator

  • Review purchase orders and set up machine per order requirements
  • Identify material to be slit, move material and mount on machine
  • Make mechanical adjustments to slitter machine
  • Maintain quality of slitting (tight rolls, proper length)
  • Create labels and mark slit rolls
  • Efficiently schedule materials through slitting machine

Press Operator

  • Responsible for all aspects of rotogravure printing and completing print jobs
  • Set up press; including cylinders, inks and mechanical adjustments
  • Color match inks to standards on correct materials
  • Complete all paperwork associated with printing orders
  • Adjust press, as needed, to ensure quality printing
  • Supervise Press Assistant

Ink Technician

  • Prepare ink for presses
  • Manage ink performance on press
  • Maintain compliance with regard to storage, mixing, dispensing and handling of inks and solvent
  • Ensure all inks and solvent are correctly labeled
  • Maintain an organized and clean lab

Common Cap Shop Positions

Machine Attendant

  • Entry level position
  • Quality assurance and boxing of capsules
  • Roll changes
  • Monitoring production and keeping log notes
  • Preparation of roll stock, boxes, and tags
  • Minor external machine adjustments
  • Keeping area clean and free of debris
  • Clearing jams and restarting machines

Machine Operator B

  • Run two machines unsupervised
  • Make internal adjustments as necessary
  • Troubleshooting common problems
  • Knowledge of specifications and tooling
  • Assign duties to Machine Attendant

Machine Operator A

  • Handle mechanical adjustments as necessary for smooth machine operation
  • Complete machine changeovers efficiently and according to procedures
  • Troubleshoot machine problems
  • Train new operators
  • Assist in keeping all machines running well
  • Assign duties to Machine Attendant and Operator B

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